Standalone Body Treatments

Our individual Skulpt treatments target specific problem concerns.

Whether your concern is the soft fat pockets on your body, or larger area with deeper fat concerns, we are able to help.

During your free consultation, our fully trained and experienced body specialists will discuss your particular concerns.

Skulpt Face & Body is the only body contouring clinic in Australia offering body composition scans with results kept on your own mobile device.

All clients receive a free body scan prior to any treatment, and every 4 weeks after until their final treatment is complete. All results from each scan is viewable on your own device via the downloadable app.

Bespoke Treatments

Our bespoke Skulpt packages target specific problem areas.

No two bodies are alike. In keeping with our beautiful, unique genetics, we all store different fats in different areas. So to reach the varied fat deposits under our skin, more and more people are turning to hot and cold contouring solutions.

 Though there are many options to choose from, finding your perfect treatment doesn’t have to be hard. By combining a range of specialised modalities, we create personalised treatment plans, target your special areas of concern, and Skulpt the body you really want.

Cellulite Treatment

Using award-winning cellulite treatment, we engage special techniques with cavitation, fat melting and dermatology, to focus directly on your bumpy areas.

Five-Point Body Skulpt

This popular body treatment targets common ‘problem’ areas, including the midriff and thighs. A variety of modalities are combined to provide an overall treatment.

Inner Thigh Skulpt

Skulpt the pesky pockets of fat at your inner thighs with fat freezing. To achieve a truly smooth appearance, we recommend coupling this procedure with RF treatment.

Skulpt Brazilian Butt Lift

By combining the technologies of advanced RF fat melting, skin tightening and ultrasound, we Skulpt your buttocks for a rounder, smoother, more lifted look. Combine it with fat freezing on the banana roll underneath your buttocks for the ultimate butt definition.

The Waist Skulpt

Waistlines are one of the most common areas we treat. By using either a singular modality of cryolipolysis or combining with cavitation, we can perfect a plan tailored especially to you.

Three-Point Body Skulpt

This popular body treatment targets common ‘problem’ areas, including the midriff and thighs. A variety of modalities are combined to provide an overall treatment.

Upper Arms Skulpt

Cryolipolysis is the perfect treatment for ridding unwanted fat from the upper arm permanently. If your skin is loose, we also recommend advanced RF skin tightening.


We provide a no-obligation consultation for each client, ensuring we can provide the treatments directly for your individual concerns.

Please arrive 10 minutes early if it’s your first appointment.

Our aim is to provide the best service possible, at the best prices possible, because of this, our clinic often books out in advance.

In order to provide this continued service, we need to install a ‘fair for all’ cancellation policy.

Consultations are free of charge, please provide at least 24 hours notice if you are not able to make your appointment.

Treatments can be booked online. We, again, also request a minimum of 24 hours notice if you’re unable to attend the appointment. Failure in doing so would mean a deposit payment in future to secure a treatment appointment.

Confirmations and reminders are sent with plenty of notice before your appointment.

We can be contacted by email, phone, social media message or text.
Thank you!