CooLifting Facial

Five Minutes to Remove 10 Years

CooLifting is our ultimate treatment to instantly lift and deeply hydrate the skin. Used by Hollywood Celebrities, Kim Kardashian describes CooLifting as being completely painless yet somewhat noisy but well worth the amazing results. Taking only 5 minutes from start to finish, CooLifting safely and comfortably delivers a high concentration of active serums into the deep layers of your skin. Combining cold temperatures and high pressure, CooLifting encourages blood circulation to smooth the surface of your skin whilst deeply hydrating, nourishing and tightening loose tissue. See instant results with CooLifting, the perfect treatment to prep the skin for a party, event or special occasion.

How it works

Hollywood’s Secret Revealed

Your treatment specialist will perform a deep cleanse of your skin prior to your CooLifting treatment. The highly concentrated active serum files and CO2 canister is loaded into the CooLifting gun and delivered to your skin in just five minutes. Followed by a relaxing message to ensure the active serum is absorbed deep into your skin’s pores.

The CooLifting gun comfortably and safely shoots a combination of CO2 and a high concentration of active serums at an extremely high pressure and low temperature to the surface of the skin. This combination of freezing CO2 and cosmeceutical ingredients delivered at a high pressure causes the blood vessels under the skin to contract and dilate causing rapid blood flow. The cold temperature and high pressure delivered by the CooLifting gun causes deep penetration of the active ingredients found in the attached serum into the skin. This results in instantly lifted and plumped fine lines and deeply hydrated skin.

  • Double cleanse
  • 5 Minute CooLifting
  • Serum


Instant results – Achieve instant results immediately after and leave with lifted, hydrated and smooth skin.

Reduce fine lines – See an immediate plumping, lifting and hydrating result that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Deep hydration – CooLifting penetrates the deep layer of your skin with a highly concentrated active serum for ultimate hydration.

Even complexion – CooLifting nourishes your skin with CO2 and an active serum that instantly nourishes and highlights the skin on your face leaving you with an even complexion.

Youthful skin – Improve skin texture, tone and clarity as CooLifting stimulates new collagen production and elasticity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CooLifting hurt?

CooLifting is a non-invasive, painless treatment that delivers a powerful Co2 flow and high concentration of active serums to the surface of your skin. The high pressure and cool delivery of CooLifting has been described by clients as feeling like a prickly massage.

How long does CooLifting take?

Our CooLifting treatment takes just five minutes, however we provide a deep cleanse prior to treatment and a relaxing facial massage to ensure the concentrated serums from the treatment are best absorbed into your pores.

What can I expect after my CooLifting treatment?

CooLifting produces an immediate plumping, hydrating and lifting effect to the surface of your skin. Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, CooLifting will leave you feeling hydrated whilst your skin reproduces collagen and elastin in the coming days after your treatment.

How many treatments would I need for best results?

You can expect immediate results after just one session, with a more radiant, hydrated skin. For best results we recommend one CooLifting treatment a week for one month that will ensure a youthful appearance. One CooLifting treatment a month there after will ensure you maintain optimal results.

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  • Cost

    1 AREA $ 149
    1 AREA W/CRYO $ 119
    6 TREATMENTS $ 740


  • Procedure

    PROCEDURE 5 mins
    SENSITIVITY 0 days


  • Results

    RESULTS SHOW Immediately
    RESULT DURATION 2 weeks from treatment course
    RECOMMENDED 1 or 6 – 8 treatments


Retouches and Restorations

5 Sessions RF Skin Tightening



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